About The Centre for Restorative Justice

The CRJ began in 1996 and derived from significant community feeling at the time that different approaches to justice were needed to ensure that the current system did not continue to generate damage and harm. This feeling focussed significantly on the issues facing victims of crime and the poor treatment of victims by the criminal justice system. The Centre is even more firmly of the view that a strong voice for reform be heard in this arena currently.

The Centre for Restorative Justice (CRJ) is an exciting development on the justice scene in South Australia. The Centre is a Division of OARS SA, a well known and respected justice organisation, with a heritage of 123 years of work amongst offenders, their families and children in South Australia. In recent years OARS SA has become increasingly interested in victims’ rights and the potential for healing and restoration between victims and offenders.

About Restorative Justice

CRJ is a venture with key collaborators from the victims movement with beliefs and ideals that hope to bring a balanced approach with respect to the rights and needs of victims. A foundation strategic partner is South Australia’s Victim Support Service. It has established itself as a centre of excellence in Restorative Justice Research and Development and many justice professionals and community members have benefited from the excellent forums and consequent discussion that have eventuated.

The CRJ is advised by an expert Advisory Committee comprising key people in criminal justice management from the Judicial, Government, and non-government sectors in SA. Since this Committee’s inception in 2002, the Chair has been the Hon Edward P Mullighan QC.

The Centre believes that it is critical for the community to become more involved in justice issues. The Justice system, in spite of its best efforts is still too remote, and people tend to feel alienated from it.

This is particularly poignant for victims of crime.

The CRJ is hoping to attract a wide range of members and provide a forum for further discussion and dialogue. Join the Centre and assist in the development of this new and innovative policy paradigm.

Please check out our Training pages for information about training, professional development, conferencing facilitation and other services provided by CRJ.