When Schools incorporate Restorative Justice into their policy implementation for both students, parents and staff, they will see results including a reduction in suspension/exclusion numbers, an improvement in learning outcomes and an enhanced atmosphere of wellbeing.

We provide a comprehensive option for Schools in the form of six individual units which can be provided individually or as a package over a twelve month school year.  Our suite of training options are suitable for all members of your school community including parents and members of governing bodies.

Unit 1: Introduction to Restorative Justice

Unit 2: School Leadership-Change Management & Restorative Practices

Unit 3: Restorative Justice-Fundamental Principles and Underlying Theories

Unit 4: Parents and Restorative Practices

Unit 5: Restorative Practices for formal Conference Facilitation

Unit 6: Making Restorative Practice a Permanent part of your school culture – Policy Development & Implementation

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2018 – 2019 RJ for Schools Training Modules Booklet 2018 – 2019