SAVE THE DATES – Tuesday 21st April 2020 Open day: Principles of Restorative Practice Workshop  Register Now

– Wednesday 7th October 2020 Open day: Principles of Restorative Practice Workshop

– Thursday 8th October 2020 – Open Day: Advanced Workshop – Applying your Restorative Practice Knowledge

For Profit, For Purpose, Government and Community Organisations:   Any of your organisations can implement Restorative Justice Practice into your Health and Wellbeing programs for staff and leaders to improve engagement and a reduction in conflict escalation.  The process, language and values of Restorative Practice will provide tools to deliver an improvement in working relationships internally and with external clients.

Schools:  When Schools incorporate Restorative Justice Practice into their policy implementation for both students, parents and staff, they will see results including a reduction in suspension/exclusion numbers, an improvement in learning outcomes and an enhanced atmosphere of wellbeing.  We provide a comprehensive option for Schools in the form of six individual units which can be provided individually or as a package over a twelve month school year.  Our suite of training options are suitable for all members of your school community including parents and members of governing bodies.

Any of our training modules can be modified to suit your organisations needs regarding content and delivery.

For more information download our free booklet below or contact us

2020 – 2021 RJ for Schools Training Modules Booklet

2020 – 2021 RJ for Organisations Training Modules Booklet