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“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” - Moshe Dayan


The Centre for Restorative Justice was formed in 1997 as a response to community concern about the over-use of incarceration in South Australia and because victims of crime at that stage were not able to engage appropriately in the functions of the criminal justice system. Restorative Justice focuses attention on repairing the harm victims suffer and not just punishing offenders.

With the assistance of our founding Advisory Committee we have progressively developed our services to incorporate training and support for:

  • Schools and their communities;
  • Criminal Justice systems including:-
    • domestic violence,
    • drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Workplaces and corporate environments.

Our Vision

Improved Harmony in Communities

Why we Exist?

To enhance Community capacity through embedded restorative practices and processes which strengthen individual and organisational ability to better manage conflict and tension.

  • By providing the opportunity for people who have been affected by conflict to be part of the healing process
  • By helping people to heal themselves as a means of preventing the occurrence, onset and re-occurrence of conflict
  • By delivering high quality training to assist individuals and organisations build capacity.

NOTE:  Educators/Principals and others working in the R – 12 Education sector:

We are currently conducting research across the sector to understand your engagement and use of Restorative Practice.  We invite you to participate in this research by clicking on the link and contributing to our research survey.  Response close date is 28 May 2020.

Open Day Workshop dates 2020 – Save the Dates

Wednesday 7th October 2020 Open day: Principles of Restorative Practice Workshop – Only 1 registration opportunity left, to Register contact us

Thursday 8th October 2020 – Open Day: Advanced Workshop – Applying your Restorative Practice Knowledge Register Here 

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