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Our Trainers and Facilitators are experienced and hold the appropriate professional qualifications to provide service excellence in training delivery and Conference Facilitation. Our Team are mandated to hold current National Police Clearance and clearances for working with children/and or vulnerable populations.

The Centre for Restorative Justice provides a vast range of training options to support your business, school or organisation with the tools to navigate Restorative Justice measures internally.

These services include Professional Development for the workplace, facilitating Restorative Conferences and hosting information sessions for groups to learn more about the process and need of Restorative Justice.

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Restorative approaches work best when they are fully embraced by the community of concern or an organisation, whether it be a community group, a school, a university, an NGO, a commercial business or the criminal justice system.

CRJ can assist groups implement a process of developmental change that reframes the way in which people interact, and which helps solve problems restoratively.  This can be through policy change, human resource practice improvements and communication.  CRJ works with the leadership and the whole organisation to achieve improved outcomes and create more harmonious workplaces.  These outcomes include reduced staff conflict, improved relationships, reduced time away from work, and most importantly increased employee satisfaction and productivity.


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The Centre for Restorative Justice provides opportunities for diverse communities to develop skills via training and professional development workshops, focussing on the use of Restorative Practices 

  • School Communities – Educational policy makers, teachers, support staff parents and school governance and management Boards/Committees

  • Criminal Justice System - Justice officials and administrators

  • Police and Correctional Services

  • Community Groups – Faith Communities, Religious Organisations, neighbourhood communities, councils and clubs

  • Businesses and Organisations that wish to provide a cost effective framework for employee relations and conflict resolution while upskilling their workforce

  • Individuals who have an interest in restorative practices

Training & Development
Organisational Consulting
Facilitating Restorative Confences
Group Therapy


The Centre for Restorative Justice can provide trained Restorative Conference Facilitators. Our Facilitator will meet with you to ensure a process is tailored to suit your circumstances. This may include formal Restorative Conferencing or establishing Circle Processes to support your specific needs.

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” 

Moshe Dayan

Tailored Workshops


There are a multitude of resources available to support Restorative Practice/Justice implementation. We have made some suggestions for training support documents and general resources available in the “School Resources” area of this website.  Clients and individuals who complete our workshops (other than the 1 hour Introduction) are provided with access to a “Members Access” area with a range of templates and documents able to be amended with your logo, to support ongoing professional development and assist with implementing Restorative Justice practices into your school, business or organisation


We can also tailor sessions to your organisational needs and deliver half day or full day workshops in a variety of formats. These sessions can be incorporated into a professional development day or be undertaken as “Lunch and Learn” sessions. 

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