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Restorative Justice/Practice is for everyone, everywhere and our work at the Centre for Restorative Justice takes us into diverse communities Australia wide. We could be delivering a Restorative Practice workshop at your local primary school today or undertaking a Restorative Conference within the justice system tomorrow. 

Recent Community Engagement

Woodville High School

 Bullying. No Way! National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. To support this year's national campaign, "Growing Connections to help prevent bullying" Woodville High School, who we have been working closely with since 2021, invited us to bring a Restorative focus to their lunch time activities in support of the campaign.  Discussing the Restorative Practice principle of relationships first, WHS community members shared their thoughts on how to build stronger individual and community relationships, which research shows can help prevent bullying. It was a great opportunity for everyone to connect and share their solutions to put an end to bullying.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College - Alice Springs and
Southern Montessori School

July was a fantastic month for our CRJ team. Amanda our Restorative Services educator travelled to Mparntwe in Arrernte country, spending the day working with the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College community. Then for a vast change of scenery from Central Australia, she spent time working with the Southern Montessori School community in a perfect venue on the beautiful South Australian coast. Both professional development workshops provided foundational Restorative Practice theory and opportunities for practical application of Restorative Practice principles and processes.


If you would like to know more about the services and training we offer please visit the below links.

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